Guangzhou Guangzhuiyuan Co.,Ltd.
About us
About Us
Founded in April 2015,
Guangzhuiyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd
is a global-oriented mobile internet company.
We focus on promoting peoples' creativity,
with technology & design.
We have over 200 million global users,
now in the stage of fast-growing,
in terms of technology development.
Guangzhuiyuan consists of a team equipped with excellent experience in terms of management, research and development. Our core founding team has the experience of leading a company from a startup to become mature enough for IPO. Our staff members are young, excellent and energetic, recruited from WHU, HUST, SYSU, SCUT, GAFA, GDUFS, etc.
Users All Over the World
Various apps among Overall top 100 in more than 200 countries. Tens of millions of downloads on iOS and Android. Worldwide users in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.

R & D Global Products
Equipped with research and development abilities for global users after a few years of independent exploration. Apps for photography and video utilities have been widely acclaimed overseas.

Young & Robust Team
A Core founding team with successful entrepreneurial experience. Young, excellent, energetic staff recruited from WHU, HUST, SYSU, SCUT, GAFA, GDUFS.

Team Cultures & Work Environment

As a technology startup, we are hoping to work with those who are open-minded, creative, diligent and purpose-oriented. We don’t have a strict office hierarchy because our concentration is placed on business and on creating something of value for users.

The atmosphere of our daily work is relaxing and dynamic. Everyone is kind and easy to communicate with, and some of us are really good friends that often hang out together after work.

The address of our company is Room 402, Haiwang Industrial Mansion, No.8, Jiangong Road, Tianhe Software Park, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. Located conveniently, our company is 20 minutes away from downtown with a open and spacious working area of 1200 square meters, very suitable for everyone working together.
Employee Benefits
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