Guangzhou Guangzhuiyuan Co.,Ltd.
Technology & Research
Explore cutting-edge visual technology and turn it into remarkably creative tools.
We've been committed to the exploration of visual creative tools on mobile devices in the future. With the development of visual technology and algorithm on mobile devices, we are now testing and exploring advanced technologies based on scientific researches as well as open-source technological achievements. All of these techniques are now being applied to mobile tools that come in handy in daily life.
Creativity & Design
Combine elegant designs and popular elements into productivity.
Elegance and Creativity are the first priorities. In the pursuit of the latest scenario equipped with excellent UI, UX and popular design elements, our goal is to provide apps that are easy to use and inspiring for everyone.
Quality & Service
Strict standards for quality assessment, the key to turn cutting-edge and elegant designs into functional tools.
To ensure the usability and stability of apps, it is necessary to implement strict standards for quality assessment and to receive feedbacks from users.We believe that a visual creative app is the combination of tool and service. The best way to keep pace with the fasting changing market is to collect and solve problems for users under the standard procedure of production and quality assessment.
Business Contact
Room 402, Haiwang Industrial Mansion, No.8, Jiangong Road, Tianhe Software Park, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.
Recruitment Contact
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